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Joe Bell Logo

Custom Paint by JB

for STEELMAN CYCLES, Gallery 2

About STEELMAN CYCLES, no longer building frames…


Thanks to Brent and Katryn for 30 years of amazing workmanship and customer support for cyclists who appreciated the palplable magic of riding a custom bike.

Steelman head tube and lugs, paint by JB



“There’s something about visiting the workshop of a craftsman who began honing his skills before Greg LeMond headed to Europe. If you cut Joe Bell (and I don’t mean shiv him), his blood runs with lithium grease. His shop is less a time capsule than a place where time is suspended It’s not frozen in the past but rather a place where the past and present come together in a mashup of ages, Jimi Hendrix with a techno backup. In Joe’s shop 1978 is just as valid as today and the photos, posters and stickers are a testament to that.” — Padraig